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The European Handball Players Union is the institute body representing the professional handball players in Europe. EHPU was founded in 2008 during the European Championship in Norway. Today, it represents more than 1,800 male and female professional handball players from different continents. EHPU is composed of the 8 national unions of Denmark, France, Germany, Iceland, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Romania. EHPU is perceived by EHF as the representative body of the professional players in Europe - two voices of the Professional Handball Board (PHB) are given to EHPU. The purposes of EHPU are to get the players voice being heard in the institutional handball world, we want to bring information from the pitch to the governance body and from the governance body to the locker room. EHPU is also trying to help the development of new national unions, in order to represent all professional handball players.

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Torben VINTHER (DEN) - Representative in PHB

Marcus ROMINGER (GER) - Representative in PHB

Board Members:

Secretary General:
Marcus ROMINGER (GER) - Representative in PHB

Members - National Unions:
Denmark: Håndbold Spiller Foreningen:
France: Association des Joueurs Professionnels de Handball:
Germany: GOAL Deutchland:
Iceland: Leikmannasamtök Íslands:
Norway: NISO:
Spain: asociación jugadores de balonmano:
Sweden: Spelarföreningen Handboll Sverige:
Romania: Sindicatul National al Handbalistilor din Romania:

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